Tips for Writing Essay Questions

Applying to college is stressful in many ways. Entrance exams, interviews, test scores and application essay for desert. But what makes students totally abashed is some “good” essay questions.

Most of the potential students hand in essays that don’t exactly answer the core question. Even if they respond creatively and write unique ideas but fail to speak to the point, they risk getting rejected.

If that’s what you fear most about your admission, take some tips that won’t let you stray off the topic:

Figure out what question asks you to write about

Though it may sound strange, most students fail their application because they don’t understand what they are being asked to write about. Staring at the question and running through it several times won’t work. To figure out exactly what you are expected to do, you should find some keywords in the question. They will help you grasp the main idea.

Don’t waffle

Use relevant language. Don’t try to waffle, get straight to the point, giving forceful arguments. Mind logical connections between ideas you give and take care of the overall essay structure. It should be smooth and cohesive.

Be yourself

If you can’t think of the points that answer the question, don’t try to write something that is completely untrue. This may work against you. At the end of the day, all the truth will come out during the interview. So take your time and think of the relevant answer to the question.

Typical college essay questions

Every year colleges try to make application process really tough. For this, they invent crazy essay questions that students are expected to answer in the most creative way possible. Applicants may be asked to think over their travel to the past, pound on a favorite word or simply write anything that comes to their mind. But out of the myriad of these outlandish questions, there are some common and quite sensible prompts.

The most frequently met are:

“Tell us about yourself. What or who has shaped your personality?”

“Why do you want to enter this college?”

“What’s your most significant achievement?”

“Is there anyone who has influenced you greatly?”

“Why do you need a university degree?”

These are questions you are likely to face during admission campaign every year. Still there are no model answers. Just think outside the box, tell about yourself and mind no to stray off the subject. This, probably, is the best tip you can get.