College Application Essay

Writing a college application essay can be a daunting task students might be tempted to put off until the last minute. The experts suggest beginning three to four weeks ahead of the due date. The experts also suggest some simple guidelines for writing this piece effectively. The best way to approach the essay is to follow the writing process that is used to write any essay.

These steps include prewriting, organizing, drafting, revising, and editing. The good news is “you don’t have to do research . . . You are the real expert and can easily speak with both authority and conviction” (McGinty).

 More Tips for a Successful Essay:

  • Become very familiar with the school to which you are applying so that you can make specific references to the mission statements, specific disciplines, or campus life of that school. If relevant to the type of essay you are writing, be sure to point out how you can make a significant contribution to that particular school.
  • Make your essay memorable! You might tell a brief story about yourself to begin the essay. Use vivid language. Don’t use tired old words like great, little, big, sad. Use a thesaurus or right click on a word in MS Word and find a vivid synonym.
  • Be dynamic. You might write that you know you have a positive and effective way to communicate with and to relate to people that will enable you to be a good teacher. When revising, try to delete any wordiness and be alert for moments when you stray from the topic. If a question you are responding to asks why, be sure to answer that with reasons and proof. So if you were to use your five minutes to talk about the need for teachers in our world today, you would need to be sure to say why you specifically could help fill that need.
  • Accentuate the positive. If you want to write about a negative topic, such as the death of someone, a tragic accident, or a tough personal experience you have had, be sure to emphasize how you’ve overcome the challenge or how this hardship has made you a more determined and/or mature individual.
  • Pursue perfection. Be a meticulous proofreader and/or find someone who is good at proofing to help you. Remember that how your essay looks will make as much of a first impression as how you dress for an interview.
  • Enjoy! Have fun with this project, and the result will be even better.

Writing a college application essay that works for the applicant

As a part of college application process each and every student is required to complete the formality of the college application essay. This essay should be written in a highly professional way to impress the readers or in simple words the selection committee. The general idea that is behind the application essay is to reveal those parts of the personality that have not been mentioned in the application form. The application form is a mere formality in itself so the application essay is a backbone when it comes to admission request. The way of thinking and the style of writing is also revealed and the readers come to know the actual level of the student submitting the application. The “Be Yourself” factor should be present throughout the essay to get the outcome that is always required. There are tens of thousands of websites that provide tips and ideas in this regard. Some of these sites are also to be visited to delve deep into the topic and the genre under discussion.

How to write college application essays efficiently and effectively

There are certain tips and tricks that are to be followed in relation to the topic so that a student or the writer gets a clear idea on how to write college application essays. The main parts of the essay should first of all reveal the field that is chosen by the student. In this part the student should required and generalize the experience and love for the field that has been chosen. The development of interest and why this particular field has been chosen are the other points to be considered. The essay should mention the personality of the student in the most common way. The second point that is to be described is the program that has been chosen in this relation to the field. The importance, demand and outcome of the program are to be mentioned keeping in view the individual personality. The third and the final part should again mention the personality and inclination of the student towards the field, individualizing it as much as a student can.

If for any reason the student is not able to write an error free essay then college application essay help should be taken. This includes both online and offline help that would teach the student how to write common app essay. The help is actually given by the most proficient experts who can also write the essay for the student if necessary.

College application essay is a very critical and deciding factor when it comes to student’s admission. Time, energy and effort are required to overcome this hurdle that would bring forth fruitful results. One written in the best way this piece of writing can open new horizons for the student to be successful in ife.